CashCourse Money Makeover Challenge

Looking to revamp your finances? Check out the CashCourse 8-day Money Makeover challenge.

CashCourse students are challenged to complete a daily money management activity. At the end of the week, students will have a better understanding of their finances and a personalized monthly budget! Each day will cover a different topic and offer extra activities for those interested. Check out the challenges below and get started!

Take the CashCourse Money Makeover Challenge! Master your finances in just 8 days! #CCMoneyMakeover

Day 1:
Where does your Money go?

Figure out how you are spending your money with our CashCourse calculator. This is a great first step in creating a budget!

Main activity:
Calculate how you spend your money

Bonus activities: 
40 Money Management Tips
Is it a need or a want? Here's how to tell!
Video on Budgeting Basics

Day 2: Creating a monthly budget

Creating a budget helps you reach financial goals and keep track of your spending habits. Now that you know where your money is going, use our customized budget wizard to create a monthly plan!

Main activities: 
Read these CashCourse tips on starting a budget!
Create a monthly budget!

Bonus activities:
Living paycheck to paycheck? Cut out unnecessary spending!
Saving Money while in College: It can be done!
What is the value of reducing, postponing or foregoing expenses?

Day 3: Saving

An emergency fund is a great safety net for unexpected expenses. Complete this worksheet to determine how much you should aim to save!

Main activities: 
How much should be in your emergency fund?
Building an Emergency Fund

Bonus activities: 
Start Saving—Pay yourself first!
CashCourse Video on Savings

Day 4: Credit

Understanding your credit score is a first step in empowering yourself financially. Complete these activities to get a better understanding of how it affects your life and what you can do!

Main activity: 
The Smart Student’s Guide to Credit Reports
What’s your Credit Score IQ?

Bonus activities:
Get your free annual credit score at! 
How to get and keep a good credit score

Day 5: Investing

It is never too early to think about investing. Learn more to see if this option is for you!

Main activity: 
Investing in your Future Video

Bonus activities:
The Smart Student’s Guide to Diversifying Investments
Saving or Investing: Which is better for you?

Day 6: Dealing with Debt

Student loan and credit card debt are common obstacles for college students. Learn strategies for beating credit card debt and know what to expect of your loans after graduation! 

Main activity: 
What would my loan payments be?
Get out of credit card debt right now! 

Bonus activities: 
Choosing the best repayment plan for you
Federal Student Loan Programs 101
What is the impact of making extra payments on my debt?

Day 7: Identity Theft

Identity theft is a real danger. Learn how to protect your private information and keep your finances guarded!

Main activity: 
Top 10 Ways to Protect your Identity 

Bonus activities:
How to Avoid Scams Targeting College Students
Recovering from Identity Theft

Day 8: Setting financial goals

Thanks for completing the CashCourse 8-Day Money Makeover! Setting saving goals is a great way to motivate yourself to manage your money. What do you want to save up for?

Main activity: 
Set your own saving goals!

Bonus activities:
Budgeting for Life after College
4 Things to Consider when Buying a Home
Going Global: Paying for Study Abroad