Financial Tools

Enter your income and expenses to set up your personal monthly budget. You can return to the Budget Wizard whenever you make a purchase to keep yourself on track.
These lessons measure how much you already know about your finances, and give you a self-guided lesson to expand your knowledge. Test how much you've learned by following up with a post-test.
Watch a short video and get introduced to key financial topics. If you only have a few minutes to spend on CashCourse today, these videos can help you learn some new information in a short amount of time.
Enter real information about your finances, and figure out personal timelines for paying off debt, reaching your savings goals, estimating your loan payments and more.
A-Z Glossary
Unsure about a term you've seen on CashCourse? Look it up in the Financial Glossary! Browse our list of keywords to expand your financial vocabulary.
How much do you know about saving and spending? These five-question quizzes will test your knowledge and show you topics you can keep exploring on CashCourse.
Use these worksheets online, or download them to your computer. With just a few pages of information, you can start figuring out your priorities to help you make decisions about your finances.