You’re in school to learn information and skills that will help you throughout your career. Navigating your way around the working world is its own valuable skill you can hone through practice and a little research. Make the most of your current job, and get advice on how to get a little closer to that dream job that’s down the road.

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Save & Invest

You make money decisions every day, even when you don’t open your wallet. Set financial goals for yourself, and learn strategies for how to reach those goals. With saving and investing, you can grow your money to build a more secure financial future.

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Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, but what most money problems have in common is this: Without the right preparations, they can send you into a financial crisis. Stay calm when a problem hits by knowing what to do in case of a financial emergency or unanticipated expense.

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When and how you decide to spend money says a lot about you and your priorities, but you don’t have to spend a lot—or make a lot—to live the life you want. Spend wisely and enjoy your life on a budget. Here’s how.

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Borrowing is one part of your financial toolbox. Take control of your use of loans and credit, manage any outstanding debts, and decode your credit score and report.

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Pay For Education

You've probably heard that college is an investment in your future, but what does that mean? In part, it's about putting money towards your educational expenses—tuition, books, lab fees—to move you closer to the life and career goals you’ve set for yourself. Get the information you need on paying for school, understanding your financial aid, and paying back what you owe.

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