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Teach Personal Finance with Helpful Articles and Tools

CashCourse provides unbiased, ad-free financial information that is independent of commercial interests. The program takes a whole-life approach to personal finance, with resources on:

  • Financial basics like banking, budgeting, credit, debt, savings and insurance
  • Funding higher education, repaying student loans, study abroad and graduate and professional degrees
  • Shopping, spending, housing and transportation costs
  • Entering the working world, understanding benefits, negotiating a salary and career planning
  • Life transitions, dealing with roommates, buying a home and starting a family
  • Financial crises, income gaps, scams and emergency preparedness

Student Tools

CashCourse also offers a number of interactive tools for students:

  • Quizzes, worksheets, calculators and a Budget Wizard
  • Helpful content such as articles, videos and a dictionary of financial terms
  • Information that is easy to understand and continually updated

Resources for Campus Administrators

To facilitate the program on campus, CashCourse includes resources for teachers and administrators:

  • Workshop kits on key financial topics like understanding basic financial concepts, paying for education, making purchases, money and relationships, and more
  • Marketing materials for sharing the program on campus
  • Custom branding for each enrolled school
  • The ability to make assignments for students and track their progress