Announcement: NEFE and HEFWA partner to continue the CashCourse program

The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is partnering with the Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance (HEFWA) to transfer ownership of the nationally-recognized financial education resource, CashCourse. This partnership will ensure that CashCourse can continue to be a trusted resource for college students and faculty as NEFE focuses on providing continued support to the financial education community.

On July 1, HEFWA, operated out of Indiana University, will immediately begin utilizing CashCourse as part of its offerings to institutional members.

NEFE is donating the entire CashCourse platform, including intellectual property and resources, to HEFWA as part of a philanthropic effort. In addition, NEFE will support HEFWA with grant funding and consultation over a two-year period to ensure a smooth transition.

What this Means for CashCourse Schools

The CashCourse resource will continue to be available, without interruption. Although NEFE previously announced the program would retire on July 31, NEFE will be working with HEFWA and IU to transition the program. The ability to use CashCourse and all of its resources will go on into the new academic year. To maintain access, join the HEFW Alliance by Sept. 30.


The Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance, led by Indiana University, is a network of professionals dedicated to bringing together post-secondary organizations to inform national conversations that impact the financial wellness field, public policy and educational support services. Learn more at

NEFE’s Changing Strategy

Our goal always will be to advance the frontier of financial education now and for future generations. We are one of many organizations working on solutions to this challenge and understand our responsibility to evolve as needs transform. As the management of CashCourse transitions to HEFWA, NEFE will pursue other critical initiatives that help advance the field toward new levels of excellence and to consider where we can have the greatest impact in financial education by elevating research, access, quality and efficacy.

We are committed to leading and encouraging collective impact to improve financial well-being. As an institute, NEFE will fully embrace our role as a guiding voice for research and practical thought leadership.

Driving Our Mission

Although we are refocusing our work, the core of NEFE’s foundation is not changing. Our drive to support teachers, educators and researchers is still our priority. We are proud of the impact our programs have had since our founding and we celebrate their legacy. Together we will find new and innovative ways to create a nation where everyone has the knowledge, confidence and opportunity to live their best financial life.