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JoElyn Krohn: 2017 CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year Honorable Mention

Posted July 13, 2017 by Raven Newberry

JoElyn Krohn is a 2017 CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year honorable mention. Her work has been featured previously as a CashCourse success story. Read more about her work on the Martin Luther College campus.

About JoElyn:
JoElyn graduated with a degree in Elementary Education in 2003, but struggled to find her passion for a career. She tried many different fields (flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant, helping patients as a medical assistant, working in hospitality) and finally ended up in higher education at Cornell University. She enjoyed working with college students but still wanted to find her niche. In 2009, she moved back to Minnesota and started her work in financial aid at St. Olaf College. JoElyn began to assist with the financial literacy initiatives on campus and truly found her passion. Not only did she want to help students understand how to finance their college education, but she also wanted to help them become financially independent after college. In 2015, she began her work at Martin Luther College where she was able to take that passion and create a financial literacy program. The program has been very successful helping students graduate college with a better understanding of their personal finances (focusing on saving, loans, credit, and investing). Each graduating student meets one on one with JoElyn and creates a personalized budget based on estimated income and expenses. She has found her niche!

CC: Why are you passionate about financial literacy?
JK: I am passionate about financial literacy because I was that oblivious college student that did not think about finances and made so many mistakes early on in my life. I didn’t have a plan for paying for college and borrowed more than I needed in student loans. I always worked a part time job, but I never had a budget and always seemed to run out of money. I want to help students learn from my mistakes and gain the skills necessary to manage their finances appropriately. The habits that students make with their finances in college can have lasting effects, so I want to help them create positive, healthy habits that assist them in the future.

CC: Can you share a story about the impact of financial education on your school’s campus?
JK: I recently received this email from a student:

“Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for doing my budget with me last month. It has made me feel a little better about going out to the real world. Thank you for everything you do!”

I’ve also received such positive feedback from students on the survey responses after the Senior meetings. This was an anonymous response to the survey question “What is the biggest take-away from your one-on-one meeting":

“I thought the budget plan that JoElyn created and walked me through was a great tool and experience. It really helped me gain a perspective on all the different financial areas I have to give attention to and it honestly comforted me by walking through each category and estimating a budget for each. Although I know I have a lot more to learn, I thought this was the most beneficial in preparing for my financial future with my husband and in taking the necessary and appropriate steps for healthy financial living.”

July 2017