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Rachel Grimes: 2017 CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year Honorable Mention

Posted July 13, 2017 by Raven Newberry

Rachel Grimes is a 2017 CashCourse Financial Educator of the Year honorable mention. The University of North Texas has also previously been featured as a CashCourse Success Story. Read more about her work on the University of North Texas campus.

About Rachel:
Rachel Grimes is the Assistant Director of Outreach for the University of North Texas Student Money Management Center. Under her direction, the Center has grown its outreach contacts from 5,000 student contacts to more than 15,000 student contacts annually. Overseeing a team of three peer mentors and a graduate assistant, Rachel’s approach to outreach is to let the students lead, ensuring that all workshops, events, and resources are student-focused from development to implementation.

Rachel is an AFCPE Accredited Financial Counselor and serves on the AFCPE Continuing Education Committee. She has been recognized for her efforts in financial literacy education by being selected as Visa’s Practical Money Skills Innovative Educator, TACUSPA Outstanding New Professional, and UNT Division of Student Affairs Staff Member of the Year. Rachel is often invited to share her insights and expertise at national, regional, and state conferences and symposiums.

CC: Why are you passionate about financial literacy?
RG: My passion for financial literacy lies in the empowerment it provides to students. When students learn the fundamentals of financial literacy they possess the knowledge, skills, ability, and confidence to put their money to work for them in whatever way they see fit. Financial empowerment and instilling confidence in students allows students to be proactive and achieve long-term financial success well beyond their college years.

CC: Can you share a story about the impact of financial education on your school’s campus? 
RG: One of my biggest points of pride is the number of collaborations my team has created with both on- and off-campus partners to better serve our students. This year alone we developed over 40 campus and community partnerships. These partnerships allow us to not only connect with a greater number of students, but to provide specialized resources and financial literacy education. In developing partnerships we are able to better serve our diverse student body, from athletes, veterans, to non-traditional students and others. Our partners help ensure that our services are impactful. Through our partnerships we have a developed a referral system that brings more students into coaching sessions and provides them the opportunity to develop a financial plan that helps them achieve financial success. It is through a partnership with our College of Business FIREL Department that the university was awarded a $60,000 TD Ameritrade Grant. Embedded in the grant was an internship program. Our center was selected as the placement site for the new program. Not only was this the first TD Ameritrade Grant ever awarded to the university, but also the program is the first College of Business-sanctioned internship program within our division.

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