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Apply for the Fall 2016 CashCourse Reimbursement Program

Posted May 02, 2016 by Raven Newberry

Applications are once again open for the CashCourse Reimbursement Program! We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2016 cycle.

The CashCourse Reimbursement Program is designed to help participating colleges and universities by reimbursing expenses for programs or activities that promote awareness and use of CashCourse. You can read examples from previous Reimbursement Program recipients on our Success Stories page.

Reimbursement up to $1000 will be available to selected colleges and universities. This program is competitive, so read our guide to designing an effective project on page three of the application for ideas to help your school plan a successful program.

Download the application form here »

Please carefully read the application packet before submitting your program. Some expenses cannot be reimbursed, so take a look at the list of eligible and ineligible expenses on page three of the packet.

Only ONE application per school will be funded. We encourage you to collaborate with colleagues across campus on your Reimbursement Program project.

Complete and submit the CashCourse Reimbursement Application Form. You can submit the form by email at [email protected] or fax it ATTN: Raven Newberry to (303) 220-0838.

The application is due Friday, June 10, 2016. We will contact selected applicants in 2-4 weeks.

Please email [email protected] with any questions. Thank you for using CashCourse!