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Author: Raven Newberry

Google Analytics: A Powerful Evaluation Tool

1/15/2018       Posted by Raven Newberry

Did you know that you can track the web traffic of your school’s CashCourse account? Every CashCourse school account has Google Analytics tracking enabled. This free tool is available to administrator, faculty, and staff users.
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2016 "My Story" Student Essay Contest Winners

2/6/2017       Posted by Raven Newberry

We are announcing our 2016 CashCourse "My Story" winners.
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Students Vote on their Top Money Topics

2/3/2017       Posted by Raven Newberry

We asked over 1,700 CashCourse students what they wanted to know about money. See their answers here!
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Meet with the CashCourse Team at the First Year Experience Conference

1/9/2017       Posted by Raven Newberry

The CashCourse Team will be available for one-on-one meetings at the First Year Experience conference
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Top 10 CashCourse Schools of 2016

12/20/2016       Posted by Raven Newberry

See the most visited CashCourse schools of 2016!
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