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CashCourse Across the USA


See What College Faculty & Staff Are Saying About CashCourse

'With limited manpower hours and cuts to TRiO funding, it would be nearly impossible to provide our students with all the individualized information they need if it were not for this free resource.'
—Tara DeVore, Allegany College of Maryland

'Students think it's a great tool with a lot to offer, and share with parents. The latter point is quite vital, as our students' parents reacted to our affiliation with CashCourse favorably.'
—Rachel Mecca, Manhattan College

'The content on the CashCourse site is well developed and appropriate for our student population. We know it is information they need and want. We believe our students are eager to build financial skills and develop financial independence and security.'
—Sherry Massman, Northeast Iowa Community College

'Thank you for providing this free financial literacy tool. For schools our size, with extremely limited budgets, CashCourse is a terrific resource.'
—Brenda Hicks, Southwestern University

'Of the growing number of online resources that our office has come across, CashCourse stands out for its clarity of instructions and website design.'
—Quanah Cruz, University of North Texas

'I think that all schools should look at CashCourse to put out there as a budget management tool. It is a great tool being offered for free. It has been absolutely crucial to our debt management strategy.'
—Elaine Robinson, Linn-Benton Community College

'I like that CashCourse is online and was written with the college-aged student in mind. I wanted something that students would feel like they could just do in their dorm. A lot of similar programs are written for older populations and then pushed into a college setting. CashCourse is tailored for college students.'
—Amy Sikes, College of William and Mary