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What is CashCourse?

CashCourse® is a free, noncommercial online financial education resource to use with your students. The program helps students build the financial skills they need to get through school and to prepare for the future. Visit the "About CashCourse" page for more information.

Who is NEFE?

The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) is the leading private nonprofit 501(c)(3) national foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life. For more information on NEFE, its history, its funding, and other ways we work to support financial literacy, visit us at www.nefe.org.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No. CashCourse is—and always will be—100 percent free. We are independently funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education, and all of our materials are available free of charge. (However, if you wish to print CashCourse marketing materials, your school will need to cover the cost of printing.)

Who can use CashCourse?

Customized CashCourse accounts for schools are only available to public and private nonprofit universities and colleges in the United States. However, anyone can sign up for an "Other" account to access CashCourse's resources.

Do I ever need to renew my school’s CashCourse account?

CashCourse accounts do not need to be renewed at any time.

Where can I gain access to the full site? Why can’t I see it all now?

We believe it is important to the success of the program that you take ownership of the CashCourse site, integrate it with your school’s branding and promote it on your campus—rather than simply linking to a generic site. Once you enroll your school, you will have full access to your own CashCourse website, where you can apply your logo and school colors. Meanwhile, we maintain the core content and provide you with templates for marketing materials to promote the program, all at no cost to you. We think it’s a pretty good deal, and so do hundreds of schools across the country. If you would like a guest login to explore the website, please contact us.

How do I enroll my university or college?

There are three simple steps to enroll your institution in CashCourse:

  1. Complete the online enrollment form, which provides us with your contact information.
  2. We will email you a three-page website agreement. Please return the original signed agreement to NEFE by mail. Learn more about NEFE at www.nefe.org.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to set up your CashCourse site. Once you have customized your site with your school logo and colors, you simply add the link to your Web pages, then your students can start using CashCourse.

Another department at my college or university already has an account with CashCourse. Can I start another CashCourse account for my department?

No, you cannot open another CashCourse account if there already is one established at your school. The CashCourse website is designed to be used inter-departmentally within schools. We have found that it is confusing for students when one school offers several different CashCourse websites. If you get in touch with the CashCourse contact at your school, they can add you as a faculty/staff user and you will have your own username and password for your school’s CashCourse account.

I am a student. Can I sign my school up for CashCourse?

Students cannot sign their school up for CashCourse. This must be done by a school administrator or faculty member. If you are a student who attends a school that is not currently involved in CashCourse we recommend you speak with an administrator about bringing CashCourse to your school. It’s quick, easy, and free.

Until your school registers with CashCourse, you can create an "Other" account to use CashCourse resources on your own. Once your school creates its own CashCourse account, you can contact [email protected] to have your profile moved to your school’s CashCourse website.

Can high school students use CashCourse?

NEFE offers a separate program tailored specifically for high schools, the NEFE High School Financial Planning Program.

If you are a high school teacher and wish to access CashCourse resources, then you can register for an "Other" account at www.cashcourse.org. High schools cannot register their school with CashCourse for a customized account, but can sign up for a student "Other" account to access worksheets, articles, tools and more. The "Other" account does not offer customization options or the student tracking features.

I work for a nonprofit. Can I register for CashCourse?

You can register for an "Other" account at www.cashcourse.org. This allows access to all of CashCourse's resources. However, the "Other" account does not offer customization options or the student tracking features.

Only nonprofit colleges and universities can register their schools for a customized account under the "School Administrator" option.

Is this an actual course? Can it be used in the classroom?

CashCourse is not a course, though colleges and universities participating in the program do gain access to a range of workshop materials covering key financial topics in addition to the online resources offered on the CashCourse website. CashCourse can be used in a classroom setting by utilizing our workshop kits, coursework and much more.

Can I track my student’s progress in CashCourse?

Yes. Users on a college or university account can access this feature. These users can assign worksheets, coursework and quizzes to your students and track and download their progress and scores.

We also offer website analytics for your school's CashCourse site using Google Analytics. While Google Analytics cannot give you information about individual students visiting your site, it will offer you comprehensive data on site visits you receive. For assistance on setting up Google Analytics, please email [email protected]

Are you collecting information from the students?

When students register for their own CashCourse account, they will provide us their name and email address, and select a password. They also accept the privacy policy and terms of use. We will never sell or distribute student information. Only school administrators can see the names of students enrolled in their school's CashCourse account in order to see scores on student assignments.

How do I enroll students in CashCourse?

You do not need to enroll students yourself. Direct them to register for a free CashCourse account at www.cashcourse.org. Students will select your school during registration. To complete assignments for you, students will go to their CashCourse planner, select "Assignments," then select your name from the drop-down menu under "Professors." Students will see only your assignments. Click here for a video overview of the assignments feature.

What can be customized?

You can incorporate your college or university's logo into the website header. The logo can be hyperlinked back to your school's website. You also may add links to your institution's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. CashCourse maintains the core content of the site for you, so you do not need to invest resources in keeping it up to date. These customization options are not offered to high school or nonprofit users.

Will you use my school’s logo?

No. We encourage you to integrate the CashCourse website into your school branding by applying your logo and school colors to the site design. We do not use your logo for anything else.

What browser should I use to access CashCourse?

You should have no issues accessing CashCourse if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer, please use version IE9 or later. Internet Explorer 8 and all earlier versions of IE are not compatible with CashCourse. Please download a new version of Internet Explorer if you are using an outdated version.

How can I market CashCourse on my campus?

Each college and university campus is unique. To reflect this, we have a large library of marketing materials including CashCourse bookmarks, flyers, posters, and more to meet the particular needs of your campus or event. We also provide a CashCourse Starter Kit. This guide offers best practices, tips and ideas for marketing CashCourse on your school campus.

Do you offer any resources for TRiO programs?

Yes. CashCourse is proud to offer TRiO financial literacy lesson plans which detail how to use CashCourse to meet the HEOA mandates. Please email us at [email protected] for more information on TRiO resources.

Where should I put CashCourse? How can I use it?

You can link to CashCourse from anywhere in your website, and from as many Web pages as you would like. We would recommend areas such as Career Services, Financial Aid or Student Affairs. Need some inspiration? Browse success stories from other CashCourse users. We also offer a CashCourse Starter Kit and marketing materials with helpful tips and ideas for bringing CashCourse to your unique university or college.

Is there a CashCourse newsletter?

When you sign up for CashCourse, you are automatically signed up to receive our monthly e-newsletter. You will receive the latest news and updates from CashCourse as well as success stories from your peers, helpful tips and keys to making CashCourse a success on your campus. Click here to sign up for CashCourse Connection.

I forgot my CashCourse username and/or password. What now?

You can use the "retrieve password" link at www.cashcourse.org to have your password sent to you. Your username should be your email address, but if you were a CashCourse user prior to October 2013, you can contact the CashCourse team at [email protected] We will assist you in resetting your username and password.

Is the CashCourse website ADA accessible to accommodate students with disabilities?

Yes. CashCourse was audited for compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in August 2014. We also provide a text-only version of the website that is accessible to individuals using screen readers.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 303-224-3536.