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Designing an Effective Reimbursement Program Project

Projects that are well-designed, smartly planned and goal-oriented have a better chance of receiving funding from CashCourse. Check out our tips for designing an effective Reimbursement Program project. Read Full Story. »

Using CashCourse for Online Instruction


As you plan around your college or university's varying responses to the COVID-19 health crisis, the CashCourse team would like to provide advice on how to adapt our resources for online instruction. CashCourse is not a standalone course, but it can be incorporated as you transition to distance learning. Read Full Story »

Case Study: Iowa Four-Year Public Universities Implement Required Financial Education for Students


A climate of high student loan debt and tuition increases in the fall of 2015 prompted the regents of Iowa’s four-year public universities to call for required financial education for its students by the 2017- 2018 academic year. An intercampus task force developed, implemented and evaluated a pilot program in spring 2017 with each university adapting CashCourse to its own structure and strengths while retaining consistency in course content. Other university systems can learn from Iowa’s experience to successfully implement similar programs on their campuses. Read Full Story »

2019 in Review


As 2019 comes to an end, we want to thank you for making this year CashCourse’s best yet! We could not have continued the mission of ensuring that students are able to access to financial education resources without you. We applaud your time, effort and passion for empowering students to reach their goals. It has been an honor to support you throughout 2019 and we are eager to see what we will accomplish together in 2020. We would like to share some highlights from the past yearRead Full Story »

2018/2019 CashCourse Independent Evaluation Findings


As part of the National Endowment for Financial Education’s (NEFE) commitment to rigorous evaluation practices, the CashCourse program underwent a third-party evaluation by the University of Cincinnati (UC) Economics Center during the 2018-2019 school year. Read Full Story »

New NEFE Research: Debt by Degrees


New research funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) investigates financial inequality and insecurity among Americans from age 20 to 30, focusing on individual and household education attainment and the types of debt held. The study, conducted by The Ohio State University (OSU), suggests that while debt does not always become an unbearable burden, it makes young adults more vulnerable to financial problems when troubles do arise. Community college attendees are at the forefront of this vulnerability. Read Full Story »

Engaging Parents in Financial Education


For some student populations, engaging parents in their education programming can be an effective way of motivating students to utilize resources and ask for help. We are sharing some easy ways to involve your students’ parents in the conversation, along with CashCourse resources that may be of help.  Read Full Story »

What Goes Into Being a CashCourse Top School


This past January, the CashCourse team began recognizing the top five schools whose students had engaged the most with the CashCourse website each month. In June, we recognized the University of Iowa for having students engage the most with our website over an entire school year. Read Full Story »

Financial Literacy Month on Campus 2019


Happy Financial Literacy Month! In last month’s CashCourse Connection, we asked you to submit the great things your school is doing to recognize Financial Literacy Month on your campus. We were impressed by how schools are celebrating; some of your submissions are featured on our blog. Read Full Story »

New NEFE-Funded Research: How State-Mandated Financial Education Drives College Financing Behavior


As part of its mission, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) funds research that advances innovative thinking and contributes to the field’s understanding of financial behavior. In 2018, NEFE funded a study with Montana State University that examined the impact of K-12 state-mandated financial education on postsecondary education outcomes for young adults. This study is the first of its kind to examine how financial education graduation standards affect four-year college students’ initial decisions about financial aid. Overall, it finds that such requirements cause students to make better decisions about how to pay for college. Read Full Story »

Top 10 CashCourse Schools of 2018


Check out the 2018 top 10 CashCourse schools for Web engagement. Read Full Story »

CashCourse My Story Contest: 2017 Winning Essays


CashCourse hosts the My Story student essay contest each fall semester. We ask students to share a money story based on a different prompt each year. Winners receive cash prizes to go towards school, and their essays are also featured on the site to help inspire and educate their peers. Read on for the winning essays of 2017. Read Full Story »

New CashCourse Courses and Worksheets


Get ready for the fall semester! We are thrilled to announce the addition of seven new courses and 11 new worksheets on CashCourse. Read Full Story »

Fall 2018 Reimbursement Program for Continuing Education


Twice each academic year, CashCourse and the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) provides $500 to qualifying individuals to pursue continuing education in the financial education field. This includes a professional development event, certification, or training that would enrich your skills or knowledge as a financial educator. Read Full Story »

Students and Teachers Agree: Our Most Popular Resources


CashCourse offers hundreds of financial education resources on topics ranging from paying for education to preventing identity theft. A few of these stand out as big favorites among instructor and students. We wanted to highlight our most popular site features for your own program inspiration. Read Full Story »

CashCourse in the Classroom: Five Ways


There are lots of ways to incorporate CashCourse into your classroom. You can assign one of our coursework modules, use an article for discussion, or present one of our ready-made workshop kits. Here are five CashCourse resources that work great in a classroom setting. Read Full Story »

Fall 2017 CashCourse Reimbursement Program Highlights


Twice a year, CashCourse helps fund financial education programming through the Reimbursement Program. This mini-grant provides up to $500 in gift card or food incentives to go towards financial literacy at selected schools’ campuses. This past cycle, 25 colleges and universities were selected for funding. Read Full Story »

Google Analytics: A Powerful Evaluation Tool


Did you know that you can track the web traffic of your school’s CashCourse account? Every CashCourse school account has Google Analytics tracking enabled. This free tool is available to administrator, faculty, and staff users. Read Full Story »

Top 10 CashCourse Schools of 2017


The CashCourse team is thrilled to recognize the 2017 top 10 schools for web engagement. Thank you for all that you do for financial literacy! Read Full Story »

Thank You for an Amazing 2017!


Thank you for a fantastic year! CashCourse is proud to help support financial literacy programs at your campuses. 2017 saw many great accomplishments, and we cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring. Read more about the CashCourse highlights from this year. Read Full Story »

Financial Capability Among Young Adults


As part of its mission, the National Endowment for Financial Education funds research studies on financial issues of concern to the public and to the field of financial education. This 2016 NEFE-funded study conducted by George Washington University presents a stark contrast between Millennials’ confidence in money management and their actual knowledge. This research not only sheds light on Millennials’ financial behaviors, but offers guidance on how these identified knowledge gaps can be used as opportunities for educators. Read Full Story »

2016 'My Story' Student Essay Contest Winners


We are announcing our 2016 CashCourse 'My Story' winners. Read Full Story »

Students Vote on their Top Money Topics


We asked over 1,700 CashCourse students what they wanted to know about money. See their answers here! Read Full Story »

Top 10 CashCourse Schools of 2016


See the most visited CashCourse schools of 2016! Read Full Story »

Meet the CashCourse Team


CashCourse is run by just a small team of three staff members and one intern. Get to know the people behind the program! Read Full Story »

Year in Review: Thank You to Our CashCourse Partners!


Thank you for a great 2016! Read Full Story »

How to Use CashCourse’s Revamped Budget Wizard


The revamped CashCourse Budget Wizard is designed to help teach students how to create a spending plan based on their values and situation. Here are a few ideas on how to use the Budget Wizard in your financial literacy initiatives. Read Full Story »

Meet Allan Hancock College: Our 1,000th School


Allan Hancock College is CashCourse's 1,000th school! Read Full Story »

Five Personal Takeaways for College Students


Make a bigger impact with financial education by incorporating personal takeaways for your students. The CashCourse team has five, simple suggestions for personalizing your programming. Read Full Story »

CashCourse is at 1,000 Schools


CashCourse is now available at 1,000 colleges and universities! Read Full Story »

Include Parents in Financial Literacy Initiatives


Parents can be a great ally when it comes to financial education for college students. Read Full Story »

CashCourse Coursework Modules: Now in Spanish


CashCourse coursework modules are now available in Spanish. Read Full Story »

Cash Cart Call


CashCourse hosted a conference call to discuss the 'Cash Cart' program. Modeled after the popular game show “Cash Cab,” students can catch a ride across campus on a golf cart while answering financial literacy questions for prizes. Read Full Story »

Summer Bridge Programs: An Opportunity for Financial Literacy


Want to learn how to incorporate financial literacy into your summer bridge program? Read Full Story »

Happy Financial Literacy Month!


April is Financial Literacy Month and a great opportunity to emphasize personal finance on your campus. Learn about the CashCourse Money Makeover Challenge and how it can be used to celebrate this month. Read Full Story »

Three Key Factors to Successful Financial Literacy Peer Mentor Programs


Peer mentor programs require careful planning and maintenance, but the payoff in successful programming can be more than worth it. Consider these factors when planning your financial literacy peer mentor programs. Read Full Story »

Three Ways to Include Students in your Financial Literacy Programming


When planning on how to engage students with financial literacy, it might be helpful to just ask one. Incorporating student perspectives into your programming can help strengthen your campaign’s effectiveness. CashCourse highlights three ways you can collaborate with students on financial education. Read Full Story »

2015 'My Story' Student Essay Contest Winners


For the 2015 “My Story” student essay contest, we received more than 1,200 submissions from students across the nation. We are so pleased to announce the winners of this competitive cycle. Read Full Story »

Thank You for a Great 2015!


Thank you all for the incredible work you are doing with students, and for being advocates for financial education on your campus. CashCourse is honored to support your efforts. Read Full Story »

New Resource: '40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know'


The CashCourse team is pleased to unveil the revamped '40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know' booklet. Read Full Story »

Five Tips for Online Financial Literacy Programs


Many college financial education programs are online to better accommodate students' busy schedules. Read CashCourse's top five tips for strengthening a digital campaign. Read Full Story »

Five Steps to Hosting a Personal Finance Workshop


A workshop can be a great way to engage students with personal finance. Workshops can be stand-alone events held within a classroom, or paired with other campus events such as student orientation. Follow these simple steps to plan and implement a workshop on your campus! Read Full Story »

Five Key Factors for Effective Financial Education


The effect of financial education programs depends on several key aspects. As a guide for educators on how to successfully teach personal finance, NEFE has outlined five key factors. Read Full Story »

NEFE Spotlight: Smart About Money


This month's NEFE spotlight is on Smart About Money! Smart About Money (SAM) is a program dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life. Read Full Story »