CashCourse in the Classroom: Five Ways

Posted March 9, 2018 by Raven Newberry

There are lots of ways to incorporate CashCourse into your classroom. You can assign one of our coursework modules, use an article for discussion, or present one of our ready-made workshop kits. Here are five CashCourse resources that work great in a classroom setting.

Workshop Kits
Our most popular in-classroom resources, the CashCourse workshop kits, include a facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint presentation, and worksheets. These are available to administrator and instructor accounts through the Resource Library. Covering topics from credit to paying back student loans, these kits give you the needed background information and structure to present on your chosen topic. Try our “What CashCourse Can Do for You” kit to introduce students to the site and demonstrate the value of the program.

Coursework Modules
Our 40-minute coursework modules are hugely popular with instructors. You can assign these modules to students and track their scores all from your CashCourse account. Each module is available in both English and Spanish. Topics include credit, budgeting, student loans, job benefits, and getting started with investing and saving. These are a great homework option or as an assessment of your students’ knowledge. “Budgeting Basics” is our most-used course.

CashCourse has more than 100 articles on these key financial concepts: Earn, Save & Invest, Protect, Spend, Borrow, and Pay for Education. Help your students get familiar with a topic before class, or use them as a starting point for a discussion. If you are interested in articles written by students, check out any of the articles titled “My Story." ”My Story: Learning to Resist Instant Gratification" is a great read on how to deal with spending peer pressure from friends.

CashCourse has 16 worksheet options covering topics like comparing jobs or setting savings goals. Our most popular worksheet, “Needs Versus Wants,” is a great starting point to discuss budgeting and spending decisions.

Budget Wizard
The Budget Wizard takes students through each step of creating a budget and allows them to save monthly budgets to their account. The Budget Wizard emphasizes how to divide up big disbursements to cover an academic year, a common challenge for students. Try using this tool as a homework assignment or as a class activity where students research common income and costs for their chosen post-college career.

CashCourse is a flexible resource that allows you to pick and choose what tools work best for your students’ needs. Be sure to explore the site and toggle to “Student View” when planning your class. This allows you to see exactly what your students will see when they log onto CashCourse.

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