Google Analytics: A Powerful Evaluation Tool

Posted January 15, 2018 by Raven Newberry

Did you know that you can track the web traffic of your school’s CashCourse account? Every CashCourse school account has Google Analytics tracking enabled. This free tool is available to administrators, faculty, and staff users.

Measuring your school’s CashCourse web traffic provides several useful metrics for evaluating your programming. Here are some suggested data points to consider when using Google Analytics.

  • Visitors: This tells you how many visitors your site received in a certain date range. Compare this data point month-over-month to see when students are most accessing your school’s CashCourse. You can even evaluate marketing promotions by checking this data point after each event. As you continue to use CashCourse, consider comparing traffic semester to semester or even year to year.
  • Average Visit Duration: This tells you how long your students are visiting your school’s CashCourse site. A longer visit duration means students are staying on the site and exploring the resources. This goes beyond just how many students are logging in and tells you if they are actually engaging with CashCourse.
  • Most Visited Page: This data point serves as an information gathering tool. Check your Behavior reports to see what pages are most popular with your students. In this case, it is best to ignore any assigned activities and see where your students are going on their own. This lets you know what topics are of interest to your students and can help inform your programming.
  • Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of visits in which the visitor only viewed one page of your website before leaving. A lower bounce rate means that your students are exploring the site. This is another useful metric to indicate student engagement with the site.

In order to get started with Google Analytics, we will need a Gmail or Google-compatible email address from you. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can set one up for free here.

If you are creating a new Gmail account for this service, we recommend that you create a generic account so that multiple people within your office can access Analytics.

Once you have a Gmail or google-compatible email address, contact CashCourse with the following information:

  1. Your school
  2. Your Gmail email address

Once we receive this information, we will email you a quick-start guide to analytics to show you how to access the data and help you understand what each measurement means.