New CashCourse Courses and Worksheets

Posted August 2, 2018 by Raven Newberry

CashCourse has new courses and worksheets ready for your fall programs! Each tool is available as an assignable activity, or your students can complete them as self-study modules through Financial Tools.


We've rolled out seven new courses for you and your students. These 45-minute modules include a pre-test, self-guided content, and a post-test so you can measure knowledge gain. The topics include:

  • Fraud Protection
    • Students will learn about common scams and how to protect their personal identifying information.
  • Career Planning
    • This course helps students navigate selecting a career that fits their values, interests and desired lifestyle.
  • Funding Sources
    • Students will learn about the different options for paying for school and how to evaluate them for their own needs.
  • Protect Yourself with Insurance
    • Covering the basics of insurance, this course teaches students about common coverages and how to assess any gaps in coverage.
  • Understanding and Managing Income Taxes
    • This course will teach students how to understand and manage their personal income taxes.
  • Saving and Goal Setting
    • Help students create a personal spending strategy to reach their goals.
  • Prepare for Emergencies
    • Students will learn why emergency funds are important and some best practices on building their own.



You can find all 11 of the new worksheets here. These include:

  • DECIDE Worksheet
    • This worksheet takes students through the DECIDE decision-making model to reach a solution for a problem they are facing.
  • Insurance Plan
    • Students can assess their current insurance coverage and find potential gaps.
  • Home Inventory
    • This worksheet helps students create a record of their property for future reference.
  • Hold Yourself Accountable Worksheet
    • Help your students set themselves up for success in reaching goals.
  • Spending Detective Worksheet
    • Use this worksheet to help students track where their money goes.
  • Costs of Training and Development
    • This worksheet assesses the costs and benefits of educational opportunities.
  • Mindful Spending Worksheet
    • Use this framework to empower your students to cut down on impulse buys.
  • SMART Goals Worksheet
    • Introduce your students to the idea of SMART goals to better help them reach their aspirations.
  • Auto Insurance Worksheet
    • Students can outline their current auto insurance coverage to help identify gaps.
  • Future Aspirations Worksheet
    • Students can use this worksheet to create a plan to reach their goals.

Be sure to check out each of these new resources and consider using them in your fall events! As always, we love to hear your feedback, so please contact us if you have any to share.