Students and Teachers Agree: Our Most Popular Resources

Posted April 16, 2018 by Raven Newberry

CashCourse offers hundreds of financial education resources on topics ranging from paying for education to preventing identity theft. A few of these stand out as big favorites among instructor and students. We wanted to highlight our most popular site features for your own program inspiration.

Courses: Budgeting Basics
Out of all our site’s features, the CashCourse courses are our most popular with both students and instructors. Out of these five courses, Budgeting Basics is the user favorite. This course covers what goes into a spending plan and teaches students how to track their money.

Quizzes: Be Credit Savvy
This five-question quiz on credit is another standout. Frequently assigned in classes, this quiz gives instructors a quick check on their students’ knowledge around credit and credit cards.

Financial Tools: Budget Wizard
The Budget Wizard takes students step-by-step through creating a spending plan. Students can even save multiple monthly budgets through their CashCourse account to revisit when needed. This tool is a favorite especially with students.

Articles: The Smart Student’s Guide to Starting a Budget
Keeping within the budgeting theme, our most-viewed CashCourse article is The Smart Student’s Guide to Starting a Budget. A simple introductory article on the basics of creating a spending plan, this is a great primer for an in-class discussion.

Calculators: What is the value of reducing expenses?
CashCourse offers several financial calculators and our most popular is the “What is the value of reducing expenses?” calculator. This tool works as a great in-class demonstration of how little changes can really add up.

Try one of these resources out in your next workshop or class! If you need help choosing a CashCourse tool, we provide a guide on CashCourse’s material organized by subject. This lets you quickly select resources based on your money topic.