Using CashCourse for Online Instruction and Distance Learning

Posted March 16, 2020 by Sarah Volk

As you plan around your college or university's varying responses to the COVID-19 health crisis, the CashCourse team would like to provide advice on how to adapt our resources for online instruction. CashCourse is not a standalone course, but it can be incorporated as you transition to distance learning.

  • Assign coursework modules to be completed online. If students have selected you as an instructor on the My Assignments page, you can assign them coursework to be completed online on the Assignments page. You will then be able to track students' activity. We provide a how-to flyer you can share with your students for instructions on being set up to receive assignments.
  • Use workshop kits as a visual aid. Our workshop kits include presentation slides that can be used or adapted as visual aids if you are moving to an online class format. Many teleconferencing services allow you to share your screen and materials, and these slides can be shared in this way.
  • Workbooks can be provided to students online. CashCourse offers two workbooks (40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know and Your Spending, Your Savings, Your Future) that can be shared in PDF format online with students. These workbooks can serve as an alternative activity for students, and you can use the workbooks to create online discussion prompts for students. These workbooks are available in English and Spanish.

Rest assured, the CashCourse team is here to help. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.