What Goes Into Being a CashCourse Top School

Posted August 7, 2019 by Sarah Volk

This past January, the CashCourse team began recognizing the top five schools whose students had engaged the most with the CashCourse website each month. In June, we recognized the University of Iowa for having students engage the most with our website over an entire school year.

Here’s what goes into our calculations:

  • What percentage of a school’s students used CashCourse during the month?  We look at the number of unique users a school had and compare it to enrollment data from the Department of Education.
  • How many times did a school’s students log in to their CashCourse accounts? We count every time a student logs in to their account, including repeat visits during the month.
  • How many pages on CashCourse’s website did students read and interact with? We take the average number of how many pages each of the school’s CashCourse users visited.
  • How long did students spend on the CashCourse website each time they visited it?  We take the average of how long each of the school’s CashCourse users spent on the website during the month.

Together, this information creates a formula that measures how much a school’s students are using CashCourse as a resource. We do not just want to measure the quantity of students using our website, but also the quality of visits, and a longer stay or repeat visits throughout the month indicates that students are finding value in our resources and returning to them.