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Make Financial Education a Success on Your Campus

Our online personal finance tools help students build essential financial skills. To ensure the resource has a significant impact, we rely on you to share CashCourse with students, colleagues and your community. We encourage you to get as creative as you can.

Need help getting started? Read on to discover just a few ways to promote CashCourse on your campus.

Social Media

Social media is free, fast, easy to use and attractive to students. Use online social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share financial tips and links to CashCourse. Consider promoting:

  • The CashCourse website: Share reminders about the program, making posts relevant for the time of year, and always include the Web address: www.cashcourse.org.
  • Financial tips and articles: Use our 100 prewritten financial tips to link back to CashCourse content.
  • New features: As we update you on new features offered on CashCourse, spread the word to students and staff.
  • Workshops and contests: Create a special promotion with links to the Registration and About CashCourse pages to encourage new sign-ups

Host a Workshop

CashCourse workshop kits are prewritten and designed so you can provide students with an in-depth look at financial education topics and money management resources. Here’s how to get started:

  • Decide on a topic. Conduct an informal survey on Twitter, Facebook, Survey Monkey, the NEFE Evaluation Toolkit , or in person to find out what session students would most likely attend.
  • Select a workshop. Choose a workshop from the Workshop Kits folder in the Resource Library.
  • Tell people about it. Promote the workshop topic, location, date and other specifics.
  • Make sure you prepare. Read the workshop kit Instructions, terms of usage and facilitator’s guide.
  • Make it yours. Customize the PowerPoint presentation and handouts to fit your school and your students.

Student and Parent Orientation

Orientation is the perfect time to make students and their parents aware of CashCourse because tuition and other expenses already are on their minds. Contact the department in charge of orientation to explain the benefits of an in-depth collaboration with CashCourse and how it fits in with university goals—for example, goals around student retention and educating about student loan debt.

Freshman Experience

Reach students before they start making financial decisions that can drastically affect their life in college and beyond. Using related courses, you can share CashCourse through a setting in which instructors already are teaching students about money management, budgeting and CashCourse-related topics.

Information Fair

Information fairs are great venues for promoting CashCourse because they attract students. These events can include university days for high school students and their parents, freshman orientations, or fairs sponsored by an academic department or student union.

Scavenger Hunt

Here is where you can get really creative. Contests with any type of prize or extra credit give students an incentive to visit your CashCourse site and explore site features.