Enroll Your School

It takes three simple steps to enroll your college or university in CashCourse:

  1. Complete the enrollment form below, which provides us with your contact information.
  2. Once we receive your form, we will email you a three-page website agreement. When completed, please return the agreement to us.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to set up your CashCourse site. Once you have uploaded your school logo, simply add the link to your Web pages and your students can start using CashCourse.

Who Else Can Use CashCourse?

CashCourse institutional accounts are only available to universities and colleges, but CashCourse individual accounts are available to anyone.

High School Teachers

High school teachers still can browse content and use CashCourse resources by registering for an "Other Learner" account at  www.cashcourse.org

Nonprofits and Community Members

If you are a nonprofit staff person or a community educator, you still can browse content and use CashCourse tools by registering at  www.cashcourse.org for an “Other Learner” account.

For additional assistance please contact us.

Enrollment Form