Students Vote on their Top Money Topics

Posted February 3, 2017 by Raven Newberry

In the fall of 2016, we surveyed more than 1,700 CashCourse students on their top areas of interest in personal finance. Planning your financial education programs around student interest is a great engagement strategy, and we have CashCourse resources for each subject to help make your job easier. Here is what students said they wanted to know about most:

  1. Saving
    Saving was the number one topic identified by students as an area of interest. Many expressed that they either wanted to learn how to start saving or how to increase their savings. Use this "Savings Made Easy" video or this article on how to save as a college student for helpful tips on how to save smarter.
  2. Student Loans
    Unsurprisingly, students identified student loans as a top money subject. Use the CashCourse coursework module on “Paying Back Student Loans” to help your students understand the process better. If you are looking for a general overview, this article on the federal loan process is a great place to start.
  3. Budgeting
    Students also want to better manage their money and budgeting was the third most voted on financial topic. The CashCourse Budget Wizard helps student learn how to budget and start a monthly budget. This is a perfect tool for a student who wants to learn how to track their spending.
  4. Credit
    College students have a lot of questions about credit. Help them learn the ropes with the “Smart Student’s Guide to Credit” and our coursework module “Be Credit Savvy”.
  5. Investments
    Finally, investing was the fifth most voted on financial topic by CashCourse students. The CashCourse coursework module “Getting Started with Saving and Investing” is a great way to introduce students to the basics of investing.

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